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Organization and Administrative Affairs

Under the leadership of the College President, the Dean of the Office is responsible for carrying out all affairs related to technology cooperation of the college, such as academic research, government subsidy application and etc. The President appoints full-time faculty members to part-time positions to serve on the divisions of Technology Cooperation Office. The Dean of the Office serves as the executive secretary for those divisions.

The office is composed of three divisions to implement several specific missions:

1. Division of Research and Development.

2. Division of Industry-Academia Cooperation and Extension Education.

3. Division of Occupation, Employment and Studies Counseling.





Richard C. Eng

Associate Professor, Department of Child Educare

 Ext. 869

Planning and supervising of all affairs concerning the technology cooperation office.

Administrative Assistant

 Song-Cun Lu 

 Ext. 766

Division of Research and Development


Pei-Wen Tsai

InstructorDepartment of Cosmetology and Health Care


1.Application and closing of projects supported by Ministry of Education

2.Assisting the completion of the database for "Basic School Affairs of Colleges of Technology" commissioned by the Ministry of Education

3.Completing the forms relating to government grant expenditure and reporting to the Ministry of Education

4.Affairs concerning the visits of government grant inspectors

5.Contacting the MOE with regard to college development, projects for enhancing teaching quality.

6.Planning and arranging the development of academic research.

Administrative Assistant

 Song-Cun Lu 

 Ext. 766

Division of Industry-Academia Cooperation and Extension Education


Chia-Mou Lee

Instructor, Department of Nursing

Ext. 696

1.Dealing with affairs related to industry-academia cooperation.

2.Promoting and constructing mechanism of industry-academia project.

3.Providing counseling on laws and regulations of industry-academia cooperation.

4.Framing the strategies of industry-academia promotion.

5.Conducting the affairs related to technique transfer and patent application.

6.Helping academic units to conduct extension education programs.

 Administrative Assistant

An-Ting Chin

Ext. 868

Division of Students' Career Development


Li-Chuan Lin

Instructor, General Education Center

   Ext. 766

1.Conducting various employment and studies classes.

2.Planning and conducting activities related to occupation probing.

3.Encouraging the students to gain professional certification.

4.To launch a job match activities.

Administrative Assistant

An-Ting Chin

Ext. 868