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Office of Technology Cooperation

Tel: 886-6-622-6111 ext. 869
Fax: 886-6-622-4175

History and Missions

The Department of Research and Development was established in August 2003 to help strengthen the performance of research and deal with affairs related to government subsidy.

The Department was renamed the Office of Technology Cooperation and separated into three divisions in August, 2008. 

The primary missions of the office include the enhancement of academic research,

the consultation of students on employment and further studies,

the promotion of collaboration with industrial and medical institutions,

the assistance of accepting accreditation,

and the development of innovative techniques.



1. We have successfully strengthened the relationships between other universities, colleges, and industrial institutions.

Most of the academic institutions and medical institutions in Southern Taiwan have signed contracts with us and promise to create more collaboration in the future.

2. We have made a great improvement upon the application of government subsidy and the subsidy grows stably each year.

3. We have built connections with the academic institutions in USA and Mainland China and will have academic cooperation soon.


Future Developments

1. To promote the effects and achievements of government subsidy and grant to enhance the development of college.

2. To establish platform for industry-academia cooperation to fortify the research and technical services between industrial institutions and college.

3. To integrate the research resources of college, and conduct conference, symposium, workshop to promote research proficiencies of the faculty.

4. To encourage various cooperation and exchange between the college and other industrial and medical institutions.

5. To conduct employment lecture classes, job match meeting to promote the employment rate of graduates.

6. To establish international exchange and cooperation to promote the internationalization of college.